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Our exciting and dynamic ‘New Perspectives: Mini Lecture Series’ is designed to inspire young people aged 14 to 18 to engage with academic experts and explore their favourite subjects in new ways outside the classroom. 

Launching on 22nd April 2021, our free and accessible ‘New Perspectives: Mini Lecture Series’, will allow young people from all over the world to engage and explore a rich array of topics with subject experts. From the effects of music on sport performance and the psychology of superstition, to understanding the science of sleep and dreaming and differential calculus, our online lecture series aims to reinvigorate students through a combination of curriculum-based and curriculum-adjacent lectures that will both complement their learning in the classroom, and provide fresh perspectives on key topics. 

These lectures will also serve to give young people a flavour of the A Level programme. 


All lectures will take place online, via Microsoft Teams from 17:30. There will be a short presentation of 20 minutes, followed by a Question and Answer session.  

Get ready to be inspired! Register using the links below

When: 17:30 GMT 

Where: Online via Microsoft Teams (link to be sent day before scheduled event) 

What to Expect: 20 minute presentation followed by a Question and Answer session 


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