Geography Fieldwork: Regeneration in Nine Elms

Geography Fieldwork: Regeneration in Nine Elms

The Year 10 Geography GCSE students completed their human fieldwork in Nine Elms. For the fieldwork, the enquiry question is How successful has the sustainable management of transport in the Nine Elms regeneration project been?

The group have been studying the impact of economic growth in an area, and used the Nine Elms regeneration as the case study. The area is already familiar to many of the students, and they have been interested in understanding why the area has changed so rapidly recently and what the benefits (or otherwise) are. Data was collected about the volume and types of transport on the main roads, the availability of Santander Bicycles and the Environmental Quality of areas used frequently by those who are travelling. 

Unfortunately the weather did not remain on our side throughout the whole day. However, the students were true geographers and did not let this put them off. I was impressed by how diligently they went about their work. The implications of the weather on their data collection led to lots of geographical discussions whilst in the field.

Over the coming lessons, we will be analysing the data to come to conclusions and answer the question we set out to investigate. 

04 March 2020
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