Today KPS is breaking for the Christmas holidays- a well deserved opportunity for every student and staff member to rest, recuperate and reflect on how impressive and energetic the past term has been. Despite the challenges surrounding us, our students have shown typical KPS traits throughout the autumn- adaptability, resilience and dedication- both inside and outside their classes. Our staff have continued to provide challenging, engaging and thought- provoking lessons, as well as hosting over 30 co-curricular clubs during and after school.

The House tournaments have continued uninterrupted with a clear winner emerging for this term; the KPS choir have put on an array of dazzling performances including the Christmas concert; and our Sixth Form students have submitted applications to top universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

We also say a huge thank you to Mr Stephen Mellor, our Safeguarding Governor, for stepping in as Interim Headmaster this term. He has led the school extremely successfully and has had a huge positive impact on our school community. For students who joined us for the first time this year, Mr Mellow welcomed them with warmth and introduced them to our KPS way.
As Mr Mellor returns to his Governor role, we welcome Mr Peter Middleton into the role of Headmaster. Mr Middleton will be joining us from January and has already spent plenty of time getting to know the KPS community. He cannot wait to dive straight into life at Kensington Park School and immerse himself in our unique and exceptional way of life.

To kick-start this morning's assembly, Lola sang and performed a Christmas carol on the piano- a wonderful performance that perfectly set the tone for an hour of celebrations and award giving!

Our end of term assembly this morning saw the following students receive commendations from their teachers…

Year 7

Zhanna (7MT)
Charlotte (7AP)
Lea (7PB)
Stephanie (7NC)

Year 8

Felix (8AP)
Italia (8JL)
Giulia (8SJo)
Sophia (8RB)

Year 9

Irving (9AG)
Evelina (9SJ)
Austin (9CW)
Xuanyi (9CS)
Jack (9PM)
Dahlia (9HH)

Year 10
Students will receive commendation awards in the spring term

Year 11

Deniz (11JD)
Remaining students will receive commendation awards in the spring term

Year 12

Biology, Chemistry and Physics: Yaren
Maths: Zarah
Further Maths: Yaren
History: Daniela
Government & Politics: Albi
Psychology: Varvara
Spanish: Sandra
Economics: Filippo
English: Teagan
Business: Gleb
IELTs: Aleksandra
Drama: Demi
Photography: Vavara
Academic Improvement: Fares

Year 13

Biology: Haile
Chemistry: Shin
Physics: Isabella
Maths: Seung
Further Maths: Nancy
History: Hannah
Government & Politics: Matyas
Psychology: Isabella
Spanish: Joe
Economics: Bryan 
English Literature:
Business Studies: Maria
IELTs: Nancy
Photography: Maria

Sports Commendations

Year 7
Maximilian & Stephanie

Year 8
Felix & Sophia

Year 9
Nikolay & Mia

Year 10
Athmaar, Sofia & Ignasi

Year 11
Rose & Reinis

Drama Commendation

Stephanie: "Stephanie's commitment to the arts and particularly Drama has been superb!"

Music Commendation

Robert: "Robert has made wonderful contributions to the Music department this term!"

English Essay Writing Competition winners

3rd Place: Henry, Year 8, for his essay on Religious Studies

2nd Place: Lilly, Year 8, for her essay on Big Data

1st Place: Lara, Year 10, for her essay on English Literature!

The winning house for this competition is: Effra!

As we reflect on the past term and its raft of achievements, we also look forward to the new year. 2020 has in some ways been a disappointment for families and schools across the country, but in many ways has given us opportunities to adapt and strengthen our resilience as a school and as individuals. Online lessons have spanned continents and given us new ways to connect and collaborate throughout the school term.

To round off the festive celebrations, our Creative Arts department have gathered the end of term performances and productions from our students, which can be viewed here.

We wish all of our KPS community a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!