This week, KPS' Amnesty International Club are running a series of different events taking place each day to raise awareness of human rights issues and to raise money for Amnesty International.

The events are as follows:

The scavenger hunt begins! Students will find photos of famous human rights campaigners hidden around the Lower School. Can you find them all? Merits are up for grabs for those who find all of the hidden photos, and a Headmaster’s Commendation if they prepare a presentation on one of them.

During the lunch break, students will learn more about about how a key ingredient (mica) found in many make-up products is mined by children, and the actions Amnesty International are taking to end child labour of this kind.

Students in the Amnesty International Club will lead an assembly on the forced sterilisation of migrants and political prisoners, a ey campaign led by the organisation.

Thursday A much-loved favourite – it's bake sale time! A bake sale.

Students will take part in a letter writing activity during tutor time – they will be writing to political prisoners and learning about the positive impact this sort of work can have on those wrongfully imprisoned.

To find out more about the work Amnesty International does around the world, visit their website here!