The House Music Competitions have now become a staple in the music calendar at KPS. Each of these is a new chance for musicians to perform for the wider school community, to compete against their peers, and a great way to listen to a variety of repertoire performed live.

A huge thank you to our judges, Mr Gardner, Mr Valente and Ms Pickard for sharing their musical thoughts and comments throughout the competition. The students were marked on their expression, technique, and overall performance and the judges' scores of the combined three performers per house, decide the winning house.

The competition was fierce, with only one point between the runners up and the winning house! A huge well done to all of our performers…

Daiyan (Year 7), Niko (Year 11), Oisin (Year 11), Carlo (Year 10), Seb (Year 10), Austin (Year 10), David (Year 9), Marco (Year 10), Jeremy (Year 10), Ben (Year 11), Sebastian (Year 9) and Anja (Year 10)!

Our winners were…. Fleet House, represented by Anja, Seb and Marco!

With special thanks to Felix, one of our Arts Ambassadors, for all his work with the technology for the event!

A fantastic morning enjoyed by all students and teachers, we are hugely proud of the musical talent in all our year groups and houses!