Our Year 7 students kicked-off the week with a ‘Live Healthy Breakfast Cook-along’, led by Mr Mitchell from the Sport Department. Their dish of the day was a no- bake breakfast bar!

Whilst we are providing a full timetable of online lessons this term, our teachers have structured their lessons to allow students to spend time away from their devices and take part in practical and engaging activities, stimulating their minds and providing a balance of non-screen time.

Today's live cook-along had two key objectives:

1) Create a ‘no-bake’ breakfast bar for a quick morning snack

2) Produce a hand drawn 'healthy breakfast' poster, advertising our very own breakfast bars

During the lesson, students discussed the importance of breakfast as a source of energy throughout the day, and why it’s a meal that shouldn't be skipped: Misha suggested that "it charges you up for the day".

After putting together their ‘no-bake bars’ and letting them chill in the freezer, the Year 7s closed their laptops and spent half an hour designing their informative posters.

Below you can see the recipe students followed and the ingredients they used to create their delicious breakfast snacks, which were enjoyed during their mid-morning break.

You can also see some examples of the posters our Year 7s made, explaining the important of eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

We'll be sharing plenty more of the creative dishes our PE students make at home during the next few weeks of online learning- don't miss out!