With 100% of GCSE Computer Science students scoring a Grade 9-6 (equivalent to A* – B) at Kensington Park School this summer, Mr Sundaram shares some insightful tips on how students can excel and achieve top marks in coding and programming.

We often think coding and programming is a skill only possible in certain types of people. Having taught at Kensington Park School from its very inception, Mr Sundaram questions this stereotype and believes that anyone can excel in Computer Science.



“To do well in Computer Science, a mathematical mind certainly helps. However we’ve found that students who are can think creatively achieve equally well. What’s really important is a genuine interest in the subject and the willingness to do the work.”


Mr Sundaram makes his lessons engaging and exciting by using real-life examples as analogies for the concepts that he teaches. You might find yourself playing the popular 80s television game show ‘Play your Cards Right!’ for example, to grapple with the concept of decision-making in computing.

“The teacher plays a vital role in making sure students understand the curriculum. Teachers can also support students’ success in Computer Science by extending and differentiating that curriculum depending on their needs and abilities.” Mr Sundaram added. Students taking on GCSE Computer Science are encouraged to join our co-curricular clubs and societies which offer a fun way of developing interest in the subject outside the classroom. At Kensington Park School, ‘Programming and Robotics’ is a popular lunch time activity that students can participate in, learning to build robots as well as exploring augmented reality and artificial intelligence with Mr Sundaram.


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