KPS’s first ever whole school production took part at the end of last month. Sixth form and Lower School pupils joined together for a fantastic performance of an adaptation of Erich Kästner’s Emil and the Detectives. The KPS stage was transformed into 1920s Berlin, a place full of surprises and danger where everything moves at the speed of your imagination. The story followed a young schoolboy named Emil whose money was stolen on a train by a mysterious stranger. He decides to track down the thief which takes him on a unique adventure that changes his life.  

The combination of outstanding performances, a wonderful set design and creative music and lighting resulted in an overall brilliant production.

Report by pupil Natalie Romanova

Unsurprisingly, Emil and the Detectives was a terrific performance that all of KPS should be proud of. We would like to congratulate everyone who participated either as an actor or backstage. We have seen all the hard work put in by both students and teachers and we must say that all of it paid off. The performance was not only funny, witty and enjoyable, but also had pleasant surprises, such as the beautiful voice of Mia Lago.

The detectives were especially good. Pony: Arina Zhurba, Toots: Benjamin Emerton, Emil: Balthasar, Professor: Davide Palano were standouts. However, all the cast performed exceptionally.

Particularly, I thought that the scene where all of the children joined together to find the Hanover bank thief was the best. This showed the courage and kind hearts of the children as they worked together. Another part which stood out for me was when the detectives were discussing who will go into the Hanover Bank Thief’s room. Pony, without hesitation, volunteered and made the boys feel ashamed for their lack of courage. It also gave the performance a feminist twist.

The music and special effects contributed to the performances by our talented actors to give us a memorable performance which we will struggle to forget. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the play for a wonderful experience, and we are all looking forward to the next one. As well as the detectives, adults, ensemble and the musicians, we would like to thank Mr. Petty, Ms. Jones, Ms. Galouzis and Ms. Jardim for putting it all together and giving up so much of their time.