After a busy first week back in the Lower School, our musical stars have treated KPS to a variety of performances as part of this term's House Music Competition!

What better way to welcome the KPS community back into the school building than with a House Music Competition? It was a wonderful experience to be able to share such talent in the first week back, an opportunity that allowed students to showcase their hard work and disciplined practice through the remote learning period and fully express their musicality and showmanship in front of a live audience in the theatre, in classrooms and due to the hybrid learning environment, participants and audience members virtually tuned in from across the globe!

We were joined by the lovely instrumental staff, Mr Ewens, Mr Gardner, Mr Harvey, and Mr Revell, who took part virtually – together, they formed the judges vote and gave scores for the performers' expression, technique and overall performance. The combined scores of the performers decided the winning house.

There was also a school vote, made up of the student and staff body, and was independent of houses. The school voted online, giving each performance a mark out of 10, and those with the highest marks formed the winners of the individual school vote.

Every performer made their house, their friends and their teachers extremely proud and it was amazing for them to be recognised and celebrated for their talents. A very big well done to all those who took part!

Effra musicians

Fadwa (Year 7), Sachin (Year 7) and Ridley (Year 7)

Tyburn musicians

Zara (Year 9), Georgios (Year 11) and Zhanna (Year 7)

Walbrook musicians

Reinis (Year 11), Charlotte (Year 7) and Omar (Year 9)

Fleet musicians

Anton (Year 7), Sophia (Year 8) and Yelisey (Year 9)

The winners are…

Overall Winning House

FLEET – represented by Anton, Sophia and Yelisey!


Overall Solo Results
  1. Yelisey
  2. Sophia
  3. Charlotte


School Vote:
  1. Yelisey
  2. Fadwa
  3. Sophia


A huge congratulations to all our winners! They are thoroughly deserving of their scores and will be receiving certificates and an abundance of house points in the days to come.

The level of dedication and discipline that all the musicians have demonstrated is truly admirable and should be an inspiration to all those who watched around the school and in the wider KPS community around the world through this hybrid period of schooling. 

No matter what the world throws our way, it is moments like these that we can share as a school community that make the years of hard work and perseverance to perfect their craft, all worthwhile.