Report by A-Level pupil Crystel Saraie

On 17th October, Kensington Park School's debating team competed against the team from Chelsea Independent College at Broadway House in Fulham. The motion was “This House Believes that Ignorance is Bliss.” The KPS team faced what is, perhaps, the harder task of defending the motion, but performed very creditably, convincing much of the floor of its case and losing only by the narrowest of margins.

The proposition argued for the need for individuals to maintain awareness of their areas of ignorance in a highly technologized environment which compels us to remain informed, but not necessarily educated. Opposition arguments were predicated on the idea that individuals have the right and obligation to be informed in order to be the effective agents of social change. 

The atmosphere was very lively over at CIC, where new acquaintances and friends were made. Despite the determination to win on both sides, we split amicably with compliments and praises exchanged. Overall, it was a new and rewarding experience for all those who attended.