On Monday 27 September, KPS FC (U13’s) travelled away to Regents Park to play Portland Place School in their inaugural first game of the season. Victory was KPS’ as the players finished the match with a resounding 6 – 3 win: congratulations KPS FC!

As well as being a special match as the first of the year, Monday also signified a resuming of our normal Sports fixture programme after the past year of interrupted training sessions, and the lack of opportunities for our students to play competitively against other schools.
With this came added excitement among the Year 7 & 8 team, as the players knew they would be officially representing the school for the first time in their KPS careers.

KPS FC’s team sheet was as follows:

Erol (Goal Keeper)
Artem (Captain)

Match report:

A few short minutes after kick off, it was clear that the teams were evenly matched and that if KPS wanted to win, they would have to work as a team. KPS held possession of the ball for the majority of the game, and were able to demonstrate what they had previously learnt in lessons to perfection. By ensuring that they were always ball-side of the opposition, consistent player marking and demonstrating strength and accuracy in their passing, the first goal arrived within minutes (1 – 0 KPS).

With great movement on field, demonstrating a strong tactical awareness, a defence consisting of ME, SDS, JS ensured that EK was safe in goal without having to face too many challenging attacking shots.

In midfield, RB, AE, DH, CC made sure the ball was efficiently and constantly moved into the opposition’s box, creating multiple goal-scoring opportunities.

KPS capably won possession and were able to regularly move the ball up field, onwards to RZ and LSL. Averaging at around a 96% target success rate, KPS had a fair few chances, 6 of which were successful (6 – 3 KPS).

A great game all around, and a fantastic morale booster moving forward. KPS FC should be proud of their strong performance and take pride in knowing they have secured another victory as representatives for Kensington Park School.

Congratulations KPS FC (13’s), and to Ridley for being awarded Player of the Match!