At the start of the half term, students were challenged to become the next KPS Masterchef- the entries Miss Kallan received did not disappoint!

Chef hats were donned and creative culinary treats were whipped up by all who took part in this House competition.

Entry criteria was as follows:

The dish must be an imaginative plate of healthy food, full of colour and fun! It should tell a story…

Take a look at the entries we received….

Effra’s dishes

Oscar in Year 7 cooked up a sizzling Shakshuka dish…

“This Middle Eastern dish is my favourite breakfast: full of vegetables, spices and with a bit of chorizo. It brings memories of travels, bright colours and good mood to my family kitchen table every Saturday morning.”

Willo in Year 10 served up his ‘Crunchy Snow Brunch’…

“I was looking into the garden, the snow was egg-white, the deep yellow egg coloured sun was peeping through the cloud glistening on the tips of grass like fresh parsley. The old apple tree trunk looking like the colour of mushrooms waiting for spring, had small bright green shoots of snowdrops as bright as avocado, were pushing through the sausage coloured soil below. In the corner of the garden, an old rusty bacon coloured open gate waited patiently for fresh new paint, it’s path full of paw prints from the dogs playing were scatted like pepper and as I through snowballs with tomato coloured freezing red fingers, the snow beneath my feet crunched like sourdough”.

Fleet’s dishes

Mariia in Year 8 prepared a colourful salad…

Tyburn’s dishes

Maia in Year 7 transformed her food into some dazzling scenes…

Adrian in Year 10 spent time preparing the ingredients for a delicious duck curry- with fantastic results!

Walbrook’s dishes

Charlotte in Year 7 named her dish ‘Summer Starry Night’

Kateryna in Year 10 made some gluten-free, vegan Japanese pancakes with coconut chips and homemade jam.

We really do have some excellent chefs at KPS- well done to all the students who submitted their dishes!

It was very hard to pick the winners of this competition- all the dishes looked scrumptious- but we now have the winning dishes…