We're hugely proud of our students who have this year completed their Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards, culminating in two weekends of hiking and camping this term, as well as a year of Volunteering, Skills and Sport commitments.

Our Bronze Award students completed their weekend hike in the Chilterns, with some very stormy weather, making their achievements even more impressive. The resilience and camaraderie shown by those involved was a testament to their enduring KPS spirit.

Whilst our Silver Award students were treated to much sunnier, warmer days for their examined hike, this does not takeaway from their hard work, sportsmanship and strength in the face of adversity when it came to some of the trickier parts of their journey. Including the very steep stairs carved into the natural hills!

To top off two fantastic weekends and a year of dedication and commitment, we are pleased to announce that every single student passed their Duke of Edinburgh award with flying colours.

Well done to our pioneering students for their efforts, and for the presentations they made at the end of the summer term, reflecting on the highs and lows of this life- changing experience!