Written by Miss Jones

The week started with an assembly that focused on why language learning is so important, as well as explaining all of our exciting activities taking place throughout the week. From competitions to events and even encouraging registers to be taken in native languages!This week we are celebrating Languages Week 2020!

With between 6,000 and 7,000 languages spoken in the world, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the diversity of languages in our societies. We even have over 20 languages spoken at KPS!

The aim of this week is to…

  • Alert us all to the importance of language learning and diversify the range of languages learnt and spoken
  • Promote the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of our school
  • Encourage lifelong language learning in and out of school



During break-time on Monday, Miss Wallace and her riddlers travelled back in time to the medieval period and lands of fantasy. They became like Bilbo and Gollum, sharing riddles from the Lord of the Rings before travelling further back in time to look at some Old English riddles. Kate from Year 10 became a riddle extraordinaire, discovering that the Anglo-Saxons found it hilarious to write about a one-eyed garlic seller! We all left the session with buzzing brains, ready for our lessons after our challenge of logic on a Monday morning. If any of this piques your interest, then why not check out the Riddle Ages website for more Anglo-Saxon riddles: https://theriddleages.wordpress.com/.


Our students were very keen to try our Languages week escape room on Tuesday morning! Their main aim was to crack the code in order to win house points and they all fulfilled their mission! Our keen linguists had to complete 4 tasks in order to figure out the code. First, a quiz about languages. Then they had to be a language detective and find different ways of saying hello in numerous languages. After this, they went straight onto brain teasers with idioms and finally they had to use their best linguistic skills to complete sequences. You could feel the tension in the room- well done to all of our detectives!


House Points were awarded to all those who attended for their excellent contributions



Some of our students were brave enough to take on the challenge of origami on Wednesday at break. After a couple of attempts and intense concentration, Misha produced a very cute terrier dog and Kateryna made a blue whale. Misha has caught the origami bug and says he’s going to try a harder one this week! Good luck! 


Competitions throughout the week- Geography!

Miss Martin challenged our students to take a photo (or find one online) and annotate it to show the impact of different languages and cultures on our city.

House Points have been awarded to Mariia, Giulia, Anais, Skyla, Mohammed and Lilly

We look forward to sharing more as the week unfolds!