This half term, our Art students have continued to work diligently and creatively, producing wonderful pieces of art in a variety of mediums- from their own home studios! Despite the challenge of not being able to access our KPS art studios, resources and face to face support from teachers, the Lower School students have produced some beautiful, creative and thought provoking artwork.

In order to keep our students motivated and stretched during lockdown, our Art teachers challenged them with an Artist of the Week award. During the course of the half term, 5 students were awarded Artist of the Week- take a look at their winning work below!

A huge well done to all our Lower School Art students and to our teachers for continuing to provide such engaging and expert guidance in this challenging time. The use of various online tools and teaching platforms has allowed all our teachers to provide consistently high quality remote teaching.


Artist of the Week, week 1:
Kirill in Year 8 produced an Andy Warhol inspired work using the Paint application on his tablet for the first time. His use of colours and various lines bring the work to life and highlight the beauty of the rhino.

Artist of the Week, week 2:

Yana in Year 8 joined KPS this term and her first week of daily doodles show her strong digital art skills. Her use of bold colours together with a creative imagination bring each character to life.

Artist of the Week, week 3:

Matilde in Year 9 took flat lay photographs using one theme and colour scheme. Her choice of compositions and lighting have resulted in beautiful, calming and striking images that invite us to inquire more about each object.

Artist of the Week, week 4:

Joe in Year 7 worked to create a portrait using only found objects at home, with no drawing at all. He has created a fantastic likeness with very carefully considered colours and placement of his objects.

Artist of the Week, week 5:

Amelia in Year 9 wrote a poem to remind us to remember 'The smallest things' on the theme of 'being kind to myself' for Mental Health Awareness Week (18 – 24 May 2020).