Report by Year 11 Pupil Layan

As preparation for the next two years of our academic lives, the school gave us the wonderful opportunity to visit the Sixth Form to enable us to see its teachers in action, as well as understand what an A Level class looks and feels like.

Prior to our visit, we were asked to pick up to seven subjects that we might be considering for our A Levels – or ones we were interested in – in order for us to see what the requirements were and how they would help us in the future.


When we got to the Sixth Form, we were taken to an introductory presentation where were told about the UCAS website and how it provides us with the information we need to know to apply to the university of our choice. This helped us to have a clearer idea of just how important our A Level options are on our future degree choices and careers. Personally. I am interested in applying to read Pharmacology, and therefore, I found out about which universities offered the course and what their academic requirements are.

We then had a series of 30 minute mini-lessons with teachers in the sixth-form building. Each teacher gave us the outline of the course for the next two years and explained which jobs require such subjects. Within our short lessons, we were also taught brief snippets of lower-sixth topics so that we really could get to know how the teachers teach within the school. We were also able to talk to the sixth formers who study the subjects we were interested in, as well as join them for lunch at Imperial College.


Overall, the trip was a really useful experience for us all and it helped us to better understand which subjects to pursue. I think I can speak on behalf of all students when I say we absolutely loved the Sixth Form and all it has to offer us. We look forward to spending two years with such delightful teachers who ensure their students absolutely love their lessons.