KPS had the pleasure of hosting 16 students from Taipei Municipal Yangming High School in Taiwan for a cultural exchange at our Sixth Form. The Taiwanese students were paired with our students in Year 12, and together they participated in an exciting array of activities that aimed to broaden their horizons and enhance their learning experience.

Throughout the week, the students engaged in interactive lessons that challenged their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They also experienced many of London’s cultural institutions – including the Natural History Museum, the London Aquarium, and a hit West End musical – providing key insights into British life and society. 

A particular highlight was a universities exhibition at the University of East London, offering a glimpse into the world of higher education in the UK. 

Our Year 12 students proved to be excellent hosts, forging new friendships from across the globe. They took great care to ensure that their Taiwanese counterparts felt at home within our Sixth Form, as many in the group were visiting London for the first time. Nevertheless, the Taiwanese students were undaunted, quickly adapting to the hustle and bustle of West London.

The week concluded with a graduation ceremony at Pizza Express, where students shared a final meal together before heading for the airport. The ceremony was a fitting end to a week of exploration, discovery, and cross-cultural exchange. We hope that the students from Taiwan returned home with a newfound appreciation for British culture and education, and perhaps even a desire to study here at university! 

Thanks to all of the teachers and staff that worked tirelessly to ensure that the students experienced a week at KPS Sixth Form they will never forget.