Last weekend marked the final section of the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award Expedition which saw ten students successfully navigate an impressive 50+ miles around the Chilterns! 

Split amongst two teams, our resourceful students raced each other through fields and over hills, waded through streams, and navigated woodland, arriving back at base camp on their first day just 45 minutes apart! We are delighted that all ten students passed this section. 

Kensington Park School has also been recognised by the Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme as falling within the top percentile of schools with regards to the number of active participants and hours of volunteering we have completed. In total, between 1st April 2021 and 31st March 2022, our students spent 273 hours volunteering, or 39 school days – nearly a whole term! The social value of these hours was £1261.26 in total. 

A huge congratulations to our KPS junior explorers, not only for the skills they demonstrated in the countryside, but also their dedicated service to the broader community.