It’s Fitness Friday, and the KPS Sports Department have bought us an update from their Volleyball 101 session this week!

Students were set 8 challenges to complete during their afternoon PE session, including fact finding missions, a Volleyball positions task and the opportunity to put a unique spin on this much-loved sport by designing their own version of the game!



Task One: Familiarise yourself with these Volleyball highlight Videos


Task Two: Learn and memorise these volleyball facts for a quiz at the end of the session

Did you know….

  • In 1928 USA Volleyball was founded when the first national championship was staged.
  • The first recorded two-person beach volleyball game was played in 1930 in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Volleyball was first a demonstration sport in the 1924 Olympics held in Paris, yet it wasn’t until the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo when the first medals were awarded.


Task Three: Volleyball Workout Poster – Can you complete it?

                                                            Some great entries from Anais, Adela and Seb here!


Task Four: Get to grips with these Volleyball rules and regulations



Task Five: Volleyball Positions Task – Use the QR Codes!


Task Six: Show off those fact finding skills with a class quiz in Kahoot!


Task Seven: Volleyball at Home – Create your own videos! Students could choose from the following options…

1) Complete the Volleyball Workout below


2) Complete your own workout – walk, jog, run, cycle or sprint your way to freedom in the fresh air (if you are allowed!)

3) CHALLENGE: Can you create your own workout video? Just 10 exercises, with you as the star of the show!


Task Eight: Create your own sport, check out the videos and practice your own!

Hundreds of Volleyball fans have decided to put their own spin on their favourite sport, and have come up with ones such as Spikeball, Crossnet and Footvolley.
Take a look and see if you can use your imagination and come up with your own version of this global game!