As part of their Latin studies this term, Year 8 students enjoyed a trip back to Antiquity with a visit to the British Museum!

Having studied the poorer elements of ancient Roman society as part of the Suburani course of study, students enjoyed learning about how the wealthier people of ancient Rome, for whom we have much more surviving evidence, lived during their guided tour. Students had their studies brought to life as they explored artefacts relating to some of their lesson content, from the story of Romulus and Remus, to popular forms of entertainment in ancient Rome, including gladiator fighting and chariot racing.

The students also saw some Latin in situ as they translated inscriptions on ancient Roman tombstones, and admired the statutes of several important figures, including the first black Roman general, Septimus Severus.

With our central London location, London’s historical and cultural landmarks, including its world-class museums, play a key role in complementing the academic curriculum, giving students the opportunity to broaden their learning outside the classroom:

“It was very fun looking at the artefacts and the jewellery was really pretty. And the gift shop was a good part of the trip!” (Carlota)

“It was a fun yet informative trip that will surely further my knowledge in Latin.” (Jonathan)

“It was really interesting looking at all the artefacts. I came back knowing a lot more about ancient Rome.” (Stephanie)

At Kensington Park School, all students in Years 7 and 8 study Latin, with the option to pick up Classical Civilisation from Year 9. Students can also pursue Latin and Classical Civilisation at GCSE. With the addition of French and Mandarin which are compulsory in Years 7 and 8 and available at GCSE and A level, KPS students enjoy a broad curriculum which introduces them to both modern and classical languages.

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