Course Overview


14 - 17

Course Length

2 weeks


Kensington Park School

Join our Law, Politics & International Relations pathway to develop your knowledge of the political and legal issues facing our world today. This programme provides you with the opportunity to expand and sharpen your knowledge both locally and globally, while also visiting leading universities and London’s fascinating political landmarks. If you are thinking about a political or legal career, or would like to learn more about international relations and current affairs, this programme will give you invaluable insight into working and studying in these fields.

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Why Choose This Course?

  • Seminars by leading industry professionals and critical thinking experts.
  • Excursions to London’s historic institutions, such as the Houses of Parliament, Royal Courts of Justice and the Churchill War Rooms.
  • Combination of theoretical and applied learning experiences.
  • Oxbridge masterclasses and advice on university preparation
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“On the first day of the programme I didn’t think I would understand anything but I learnt so much! I have gained knowledge about politics, as well as the history of UK law and how it works, and a lot of new concepts like idealism, populism, and different types of democracy. The classes were very interactive, there were lots of debates which everyone could participate in and express their opinion. The classes are so interesting, you meet people from all over the world and you are in the best part of London, close to everything.”
Damia, Spain
“This programme helped me determine that I want to major in law at university. What appealed to me most was the opportunities the programme gave us to see the courts, learn about politics and the British justice system, as well as gain insights and different perspectives from students of various nationalities. The classes were extremely fun, interactive, and engaging. My favourite memory was our trip to the Royal Courts of Justice to attend a criminal hearing. I called my Mum to tell her about it and she couldn’t believe I’d been given that opportunity!”
Lina, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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